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do you have such a low esteem to the point that whenever a guy smiles at you, you don’t think you deserve it or it’s because he thought whatever you’re wearing is tacky as fuck

because i feel like that 24/7

or just cause you never get attention from any cute guy and you’re ignored in all the groups you’re in lol

so true i cannot

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if this doesn’t apply to you, you’re not living the right way

I once told my friend that I do this and she told me to get help.. Im glad Im not alone.

Me me me me

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This is my life basically

How I feel whenever someone calls me cute or whatever grrr

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It’s here! It’s here! The full #tfios trailer in beautiful high definition!

A reminder…many people have not read the book and there’s no shame in that. I think probably this would be a good time to go get it if you’d like to read it before the movie comes out. It’s a very good book. And it’s like $9 on Amazon.

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Harry Potter Magical Wand